30 November 2010

Free To Roam

Here is a blog I have had in mind for a long, long time. I hadn't put it together until now for reasons not altogether clear. Perhaps I was waiting for the perfect circumstances which I feel have now presented themselves. I needed help, and I have found that in me friend here, Sadie. I know of no other that loves walking as much as I. I think we both appreciate walking for what it is, and we both do it just for the sake of walking. It is a lost art, indeed. Hopefully, through this we can bring attention back to it and inspire others to do the same.

Walking is the most basic function of the human existence, and the most purposeful function in mine. For as long as I can remember I have been walking for the joy of it. Even as a kid I would walk rather than use other form of transportation and I have always had mindfulness behind each step. My favorite author/walker Henry David Thoreau said it best in stating "Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow." This ring true for me, and always has.

I have a dream of one day walking the United States from coast to coast. As of now it is not practical nor feasible as I have a wife and young children to support. Never the less, it is a dream I'll hang on to in the hopes that one day I'll be able to fulfill it. Perhaps circumstances will allow for it sooner than later, but I shall walk in the meantime and never skip a beat. And with that being said, I intend to share my travels and experience with you here and I welcome you to share yours with us. Walking is a true freedom, one of the only real freedoms we can know. It is priceless and can never really be owned, it stands alone.

29 November 2010

Why Walk? -the.Sage.Eye.View-

i walk because i can... it's just that simple. when i was born the doctors told my mother i wouldn't walk without leg and/or back braces and possibly surgery. she wouldn't have it... morally, or afford it. my pelvis is abnormally narrow, and my lower spine is slightly twisted. 'scoliosis' they call it.. i went through years of chiropractic treatments, three times a week to help align my spine while i grew. i can walk, and i must always walk to keep my strength. to keep my spirit..

they also told my mother i wouldn't see properly without corrective eye surgery... which i also never had. i champed it out through grueling hours and years as a kid, training my eye and strengthening the muscles.. wearing a pirate patch on my good eye to see how i see today. my '20/20' vision is compromised. i can't see through my left eye alone, and i have no depth perception.. but i can take a picture well enough. i sea, i see.

why walk?
i walk because i can..
i walk to get from point A, to point B.
i walk because it's free.
i walk because it's beneficial for my health, for my spirit.
i walk to get away, i walk to get home.
i walk to think, i walk to stop thinking..
i walk to talk, i walk to dream
i walk to see what i can sea.
i walk because walking was made for me.
why not?