29 November 2010

Why Walk? -the.Sage.Eye.View-

i walk because i can... it's just that simple. when i was born the doctors told my mother i wouldn't walk without leg and/or back braces and possibly surgery. she wouldn't have it... morally, or afford it. my pelvis is abnormally narrow, and my lower spine is slightly twisted. 'scoliosis' they call it.. i went through years of chiropractic treatments, three times a week to help align my spine while i grew. i can walk, and i must always walk to keep my strength. to keep my spirit..

they also told my mother i wouldn't see properly without corrective eye surgery... which i also never had. i champed it out through grueling hours and years as a kid, training my eye and strengthening the muscles.. wearing a pirate patch on my good eye to see how i see today. my '20/20' vision is compromised. i can't see through my left eye alone, and i have no depth perception.. but i can take a picture well enough. i sea, i see.

why walk?
i walk because i can..
i walk to get from point A, to point B.
i walk because it's free.
i walk because it's beneficial for my health, for my spirit.
i walk to get away, i walk to get home.
i walk to think, i walk to stop thinking..
i walk to talk, i walk to dream
i walk to see what i can sea.
i walk because walking was made for me.
why not?



  1. Walking, a perfect example of an ultimately sophisticated simplicity.

    Own your walk before you talk. Ha, just walkin the talk, since I got no chalk. :D

  2. this is awesome, thanks for sharing private insights as to you and why walking is important in your life!