30 December 2010

Cabin Fever

Winter has come quick and hard this year. We've had temps near 0 already when normally we don't see that until late January. The adjustment to the cold this year is coming along a little slower, but it's all good. Having the right gear when the temp drops is what it's all about....that and a little motivation. Motivation being the harder one to come by.

So, here it is, December 30th and I'm trying to plan a backpacking trip to consist of 3 or 4 days and somewhere around 40 miles. I can't stress enough having the right gear and preparation. Getting caught out in the cold without all the right stuff is not something I want to experience. At the same time traveling with just a pack one has to give up some luxury items. This isn't necessarily something one might want to do if they don't really enjoy hiking and camping. It is a bit more rough, but the reward from the sense of accomplishment alone is enough to make it all worthwhile.

I have been on a few couple day hikes, just not this time of year. It'll be a new experience and much needed might I add. Being couped up in the house all winter is enough to depress the most upbeat of people. That's what it's all about....getting out and staying alive. Life is way too short to let a little uncomfortability keep me down. So look forward to future posts about my preparation and a bit more detail as to gear and whatnot. And, of course, the actual trip.

Stay tuned.....and keep walkin'.

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