08 February 2011

Current Temp -11

Ah, here I sit on February 8, 2011 and it's well below zero outside (wind chill factor) and all I want to do is go for a walk, and I will.  Unfortunately it'll be my mile long trek into work for the night.  Not quite the walk I had in mind, but it serves a purpose none the less.  Being that it is so cold most walking in this type of frigid temperature would require some special gear, but I'm not walking that far and there is a fairly warm end in sight.  Winter coat, hat, gloves and my walking boots and I'm good to go.  (Damn what I've got to do to get myself hyped up to go into work.)

Anyhow, I sit.  Thinking about some "warmer weather" walking and I recall one of my last good hikes from the summer.  It was humidly awesome.  I worked up a good sweat, and though it was humanly engineered, it was mildly rugged terrain requiring only a low level of skill to beat.  It was an interesting path, though.  One of the best man made that I've seen.  It was mainly set in a ravine with only a little bit of water running through it.  I wouldn't want to be down there in a rain storm but it did make for an interesting hike.  Here I'll share a few pictures and lose myself in the memory of that hot afternoon.  A good thing to do on these cold days with cabin fever gnawing on my patience.

I shall get lost in my mind for a few more minutes before I set off into the cold night.  I just wanted to share a quick, story with some warm pictures for anyone else going a little stir crazy.  Warm weather isn't that far off, but don't let that keep ya from getting out there now.  Keep walkin!

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  1. 11˚ is cold, yet coldness is a palpable feeling - a perception of the real for which degrees are simply an arbitrary scale of valuation that serves only to provide humans with a sense of meaning and context. The a11egory is obvious.