07 January 2013

Snow Steppin'..

early january.. it's been cold for a while, and we've finally had a couple days of thaw. i love walking in the winter, i'd say i hike more in the winter than any other season. i was feeling especially antsy today so i decided to hit the trail downtown to check up on a geocache and get some fresh air. this double seater bench was in the water once upon a time, and shortly after i dropped a cache closeby someone came along and pulled it out. now there's a decent resting spot right by the water in the shade.

 the trail was pretty icy, and there weren't many people around. the air was still which made for a peaceful walk. sometimes i forget that you don't necessarily have to leave town to get away from the city mindset. there are so many trails around town that surround you in greenery and drown out the urban.

the path leads into centennial park, which in the past few years has become home to some community garden plots. i can't wait to see them again in the spring. got my mind workin' on what i have planned for the coming planting season. the somewhat orderly row of earth machines got me all excited...

well, clearly i've been slacking on the blogging. 2012 got me caught up in gardening, and quite a bit of walking still, just didn't afford me the time to sit down and write about it. today's walk was kind of a meditation on the fact that i need to feed my creativity in more ways than one. i want to devote time to joining the art of walking with creativity, by perhaps taking a hike to the beach with some hemp and beads and make some jewelery, or stitch together a creation or two.

bring it on 2013, here's hoping this year is a productive and adventurous one!

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