12 March 2013

Munzee Style..

as if i didn't have enough things to do, i picked up another GPS hunting game similar to Geocaching called Munzee. instead of finding containers and logbooks, you're finding little scanny codes. points instead of smiley faces.. far less social and minimal creativity required, although still useful as a touring tool [locating some really sweet places to be!]. anyhoo..

i'm hooked! i don't think i'll ever get over real-life treasure hunt games, keep 'em comin'! i ordered a stack of vinyl stickers from the site, i don't have a printer and these ones are way more durable than anything i could produce myself. i stuck 'em everywhere, downtown, at the mall.. and anywhere worth looking at along the way. i was even nice enough to deploy a couple way up in the sky, on the very top level of a public parking garage. the 360 degree view from all the way up there is breath taking... the escarpment and the cityscape are a pretty sweet sight.


  1. That's real cool, Sadie. I may have to check it out.

    And I'll send you a pm real soon. I ain't forget about you.

    1. something to do, yknow? got me motivated to get out of the house and down the path in the dead of winter. talk to you soon homie, hope you're doin alright.